Callyssee Cosmetics - Cafe con Leche Hydrating Mask

Café con Leche Hydrating Mask

1.7 fl oz / 50 ml

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Meet your face’s new best friend – a mask that deep cleans and exfoliates without leaving skin parched or irritated. We created a blend of cleansers with skin repairing elements and an added layer of softness.

Absorbent clay compounds including Bentonite and Kaolin draw out impurities that can clog pores and lead to sagging skin. Powdered milk adds the leche to the brew and can help soften the look of pigmentation and hydrate dry skin. Our star ingredient, Coffee Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract, is paired with gentle Ground Coffea Arabica Beans for an instant caffeine infusion that also exfoliates and helps reveal youthful skin. Finally, skin-loving ingredients including naturally derived glycerin seal in moisture, so skin looks radiant and renewed without a trace of the greasies.

Look fresh, polished, and rested – and ready to take on the world.

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How to Use

  • 1 Apply a generous amount onto cleansed skin and leave on for 20-25 minutes or until mask is dry.
  • 2 Remove using warm water.
  • 3 For best results, sweep our Foaming Skin Milk across face and neck to completely remove all mask residue and add another surge of moisture to skin.  


1 Callyssee - Bentonite Clay
3 Callyssee - Powdered Milk
4 Callyssee - Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract
5 Callyssee - Glycerin

Bentonite Clay

Composed of ash made from volcanos, this clay detoxifies and promotes better health from head to toe. Heavy in minerals including calcium and magnesium, bentonite clay detoxifies and shrinks pores with repeated use, fighting acne quickly and leaving skin smoother and softer.

Kaolin Clay

This particular clay is known for purifying & detoxifying pores – hardcore – while it exfoliates, as well as reducing oiliness and treating acne. Despite its powerhouse effects, it also soothes sensitive and irritated skin.

Powdered Milk

An unexpected brightener and hydrator, powdered milk can thank lactic acid for its ability to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and improve and even texture. It also soothes the skin, leaving it suppler and smoother.

Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract

This superstar ingredient has more than 10 times the antioxidant power of green tea. Its high levels of polyphenols, chlorogenic acid, and ferulic acid actively combat free radicals, reducing their damage on your skin. Green coffee seed extract also promotes rapid cell regeneration and the healing of scar tissue. You’ll say buh-bye to dull skin in no time!


This is a humectant that moisturizes and forms a protective layer that helps prevent moisture loss, resulting in healthier, more attractive skin that feels soft and supple to the touch. It even fights the effects of skin diseases such as psoriasis.