Callyssee Cosmetics - Wake-Up-Instant-Oxygen-Mask

Wake Up Instant Oxygen Mask

2.03 fl oz. / 60ml

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Feel free to skip that next trip to the spa because you can now achieve instant, visible results with our new at home facial treatment.

Apply our luxurious oxygen-charged liquid mask and work into damp skin in a gentle, circular motion. You’ll immediately notice the mask bubbling up. As you apply to your face, you’ll feel a slight tingle that tells you the pressurized stream of oxygen is starting to work to deliver powerful active ingredients to your skin.

Some of the star ingredients in our mask include Retinyl Palmitate, known for its tiny molecular structure that penetrates outer layers of skin and works to repair collagen and elastin; while Glutamic Acid pulls water from the air to the tissue to restore moisture balance in skin. Anti-aging ingredient Pumpkin Seed Extract, which is loaded with vitamin E, zinc, omega 3- and 6- fatty acids along with antioxidants helps skin retain moisture, fight free radicals and maintain a youthful appearance.

Rounding out this skin repair powerhouse is ingredient of the moment, Sea Buckthorn Oil, known for healing and rejuvenating and Coffea Arabic (Organic Green Coffee) Extract, our skin repair star which repairs sun damage and adds a moisture boost.

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How to Use

  • 1 Apply over slightly wet skin, avoiding eye area. The mask will begin to bubble and a little tingling and cooling sensation will begin, indicating delivery of oxygen to skin’s surface.
  • 2 Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse face thoroughly with warm water after using.
  • 3 Use once or twice weekly or before you start your day or a night on the town for an instant wake me up!


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