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Callyssee is a freshly brewed line of skincare that will pamper you head to toe, add a little zip to your day and some serious glow to your skin.

Our fun line of coffee-inspired cosmetics includes Coffee Crush Exfoliating Peeling Gel, Whipped Moisturizing Cream, and even Fizzy Macaron Bath Bombs, to name a few.

About Callyssee Cosmetics & Packaging

Callyssee Cosmetics & Packaging

Created in the spirit of fun, with cutting-edge technology in our formulations.

Every single product in the line was created by a team of cosmetic chemists and product developers with decades of experience in the beauty industry.

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Get ready to perk up your beauty routine with Callyssee!

The Callyssee line contains products brimming with essential oils, wrinkle-fighters, and skin-soothers. Our rock star ingredient, Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract, can be found in every single product.

This precious ingredient is extracted by cold-pressing green unroasted coffee beans. Organic Green coffee is considered a potent antioxidant; one of its highlighted skin benefits is its power to slow down the signs of aging while moisturizing your skin.