ALL NEW: Callyssee Sheet Masks Are Here!

Have you heard? Our Callyssee sheet masks are out! We’re obsessed with facial sheet masks, which have been all the rage over the past few years. Not only because how fast and easy to use they are, but because the superpowered benefits they have been proven to be for your skin. So we’re extra excited to revealContinue Reading Loves Our Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub in Cocoa

Ahh… the smell of cocoa and coffee in the morning. Does it get any better than that? Yes, it does! When ya got writin’ about’cha, you know you’re in a good spot. Why does People love our Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub in Cocoa so much? Because, Jackie Fields writes, “Caffeine is said to be justContinue Reading

Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub Featured in Hello Giggles

Oh, Hello Giggles gives us so many reasons to love them! How can’t we, when they like our products so much? We were featured in their post about World Chocolate Day—what a way to celebrate! Our Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub was showcased alongside 11 other products featuring arguably the world’s most delicious skincare ingredient:Continue Reading

3 Ways Sugar Gives You More Beautiful Skin Easily

Sugar seems like an ingredient that would be better for cookies and cakes (mmm!) than your skincare and beauty products. Yet as skincare companies like Callyssee Cosmetics have looked into new ways to enhance our body and face scrubs in recent years, it turns out that sugar has a lot of benefits for the skin.Continue Reading

Heal From the Inside Out: 5 Amazing Benefits of Coffee

Who knows with coffee?! It’s is one of those confusing things that’s good or bad for you depending on which way the wind is blowing on that particular day. Lately, though, the wind has swung more permanently in coffee’s favor (hence our obsession with coffee here at Callyssee 💕). A host of scientific studies have exposed the amazingContinue Reading