Callyssee - Pure Brew Micellar Cleansing Water

Pure Brew Micellar Cleansing Water

6.8 fl oz / 200 ml

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There’s a reason Micellar (pronounced Me-Sell-Air) cleansing products occupy a place of honor in savvy women’s skincare routines. Originating in France, the one-step soap-free/rinse-free cleansing product doesn’t rely on a particular ingredient, but rather the notion of infused microscopic molecules called micelles.

These invisible active ingredient-packed powerhouses cleanse, soften, and tone the appearance of skin in a single simple step. Our multi-action version contains naturally derived, skin-softening Glycerin and Cucumber Extract for an added dose of moisture that will stay with you all day.

Nothing complicated. No extra steps needed. Just your beauty shining through.

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How to Use

  • 1 Apply a generous amount onto cotton pad.
  • 2 Wipe all around the face, no need to rub.
  • 3 To use on eyes, close them and gently wipe around.
  • 4 No need to rinse! Follow with our Whipped Moisturizing Cream or Demitassee Firming Facial Serum.


1 Callyssee - Glycerin
2 Callyssee - Cucumber Extract
3 Callyssee - Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract


This is a humectant that moisturizes and forms a protective layer that helps prevent moisture loss, resulting in healthier, more attractive skin that feels soft and supple to the touch. It even fights the effects of skin diseases such as psoriasis.

Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Extract

A superfood for skin, this ingredient contains everything from proteins and fats to Vitamin C and minerals. Its talents are multifaceted: it has a cooling, astringent effect that tightens; soothes puffy skin; relieves inflammation; and moisturizes. Cucumber’s talents make it great for all skin types.


Antioxidants make this ingredient a powerful free radical fighter, protecting your skin against premature aging and even reversing UV damage. Caffeine also draws excess fluids out of cells, creating a tightening and toning effect that improves texture. It also brings anti-inflammatory properties which help to calm swelling and redness.