Winter Must-Haves: Buffing Beans Body Scrub & Soft Whipped Body Cream Review

Winter skincare tips are pouring into our timelines like coffee into a bottomless mug. As winter is still being felt (brrrr), so are the effects of it on our skin. The good news? You don’t have to stand for uncomfortably dry, itchy skin! So we’re sharing with you a short list of winter must-haves forContinue Reading

Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub Featured in Hello Giggles

Oh, Hello Giggles gives us so many reasons to love them! How can’t we, when they like our products so much? We were featured in their post about World Chocolate Day—what a way to celebrate! Our Buffing Beans Cocoa Coffee Scrub was showcased alongside 11 other products featuring arguably the world’s most delicious skincare ingredient:Continue Reading

My Beauty Galleria Features Callyssee Coffee Scrub

My Beauty Galleria featured Callyssee Cosmetics as a summer must-have, and trust us, that got us more excited than coffee ever could! We’re just about jumping for joy over here! We love the beauty and cosmetics blog, written by Jelena, a beauty industry insider! She’s as passionate and dedicated to finding (and using) the bestContinue Reading

Hello Giggles Reviews Callyssee

Hello Giggles wrote a review all about the Callyssee Cosmetics line of coffee-infused skincare treatments, and we don’t need coffee to jump up and down in celebration! We love the lifestyle publication Hello Giggles co-founded by Zooey Deschanel (Hi, Zooey! 👋) and now we know it loves Callyssee back. (If you haven’t checked out HelloContinue Reading

Celebuzz Reviews Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub

Celebuzz reviewed the Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub in Cocoa from Callyssee in Celebuzz’s Favorite Things – May 2017 and they loved it! Here’s what the Celebuzz reviewer had to say about our killer coffee scrub perfect for use from head to toes: “As a coffee addict, I’m obsessed with this body scrub! I mean, how cuteContinue Reading